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View all storm related events to understand various hotspots in your area. Use the toggle to categorize different weather events.

Our Mission


For the past several decades, storms have unpredictably ravaged through the nation leaving damage in their wake. We lose millions of dollars every year, and thousands die simply because there is no dependable infrastructure that allows us to predict the intensity, damage, and costs generated by these storms. City planners struggle to adequately and quickly to respond to storm clean-up.

Mitigating Costs

Local cities and residents are left with overwhelming bills from storms. Additionally, the longer the response time, the larger these bills get. Thus, predicting monetary damage prior to clean-up is an important step to save residents and cities lots of money.                                                                                                                                                                    


Storms cause lots of damage destroying the homes of thousands of people and leaving the cities in shambles. The clean-up process of storms is always a long and grueling process. Thus, allowing city-planners to visualize the damage before the end of the storm allows them to quickly adapt and approach clean up.                                                           

billion dollars lost in property damage from hurricanes and flooding in the last 20 years.
dollars lost in damage due to tornadoes in the United States every year.
total tornadoes in 2019 in the United States
deaths caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005

Our Process

In order to properly prepare for weather events, which can save lives and thousands of dollars, city planners need better tools to prepare. Thus, we developed a couple different models to aid in this process.

Interactive Maps

We provide 4 interactive maps, 2 built by us, that display storm events and our predictions. The map on our home page displays the location of every damage-causing storm since 2000, allowing residents and city planners to understand their areas better. We also created a tornado map to display future tornado damage predictions.

Tornado Damage

We aim to analyze where tornados will do the most damage and predict total costs. We trained our models on web scraped data from past tornados to make accurate predictions for future tornadoes. We made an interactive map allowing governments and people to determine where tornadoes will do damage and how much damages will cost.

Hurricane Intensity and Damage

Similarly, we aim to determine a hurricane’s intensity and the damage it creates. We first embedded a live-updating map displaying upcoming hurricanes. In addition, our ML model provides predictions of intensity and damages of the hurricane. Governments can make informed decisions when preparing for hurricanes and assessing damages.

Visualizing Flood Aftermath

After hurricanes flood cities, city planners must understand how to properly approach clean-up. City planners will provide us with aerial images of locations in their city before and during the flood, and with that, we can generate an image of how the area will look after the flood. This allows city planners to save time and money by developing an early plan.

Our Team


Ayaan Haque

Fullstack, Backend

Viraaj Reddi

Fullstack, Backend

Adithya Peruvemba

Frontend, UI Developer

Ishaan Bhandari

Frontend, UI Developer