Upload Images

Upload two aeriel images of a location you want to prepare for clean up. Upload an image before flooding and an image after flooding, and we will generate an image for you on what the land will look like once the water receeds. This allows you as a city planner to make more informed decisions on how to properly rebuild.

PyTorch takes up more server power than we had available through PythonAnywhere, so we couldn't deploy our model. We look forward to deploying it by gaining access to more powerful servers.

View Your City After The Flood

Once your city has inputted images and we have rendered aftermath images, choose your city to get a better understanding on how to properly approach clean up and the property damage.

New Orleans, LA

During Flood

Predicted After Flood

Atlanta, GA

During Flood

Predicted After Flood


Using ML to prepare for storms and disasters.


Ayaan Haque
Viraaj Reddi
Adithya Peruvemba
Ishaan Bhandari